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Discover how RS Plus by Recruitment Smart can help you find exceptional talent effortlessly streamlining your hiring process.

RS Plus by Recruitment Smart is a groundbreaking solution for the evolving landscape of talent acquisition. This platform offers a diverse global talent pool, cost reduction, and streamlined recruitment processes. With over 500 million candidate profiles, RS Plus provides unmatched access to talent. It covers a wide spectrum of industries and roles, from entry-level to executive positions, addressing the talent crunch by offering a solution to find specialized candidates quickly. The platform enables recruiters to tap into a global talent network, fostering innovation and growth.


RS Plus is cost-effective, reducing the need for expensive advertising and recruitment campaigns. The database is dynamic and continuously updated for real-time candidate profiles. It simplifies the candidate search process with a user-friendly interface and robust search capabilities.


Over 500 million diverse candidate profiles available.
RS Plus complies with global data protection regulations like GDPR.
The platform employs data encryption and cybersecurity measures for data security.

RS Plus by Recruitment Smart- Your Gateway to Exceptional Talent