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Experience SniperAI’s LinkedIn Enrichment, a powerful feature designed to supercharge your recruitment process. This feature empowers recruiters to seamlessly retrieve and enrich candidate profiles from LinkedIn, all from within their SniperAI platform.

How is RS Plus Helping Recruiters?

With automated LinkedIn candidate retrieval and data enrichment, you can focus more on building relationships and less on manual data entry and sourcing. Thus, you save a lot of time and costs of sourcing.
This feature streamlines the process of finding candidates on LinkedIn, saving you valuable time and effort in sourcing top talent.
Recruiters can customize search filters to precisely match client requirements, ensuring that you find candidates who meet specific criteria.
The integration with Sniper AI’s LinkedIn RPA Chrome extension ensures a smooth and hassle-free experience for recruiters.
Send InMails directly to candidates on LinkedIn from within SniperAI, making communication swift and efficient.
The Duplicate Profile Overwrite Logic ensures that your candidate data remains accurate and up to date.
This feature is highly customizable, and the user-friendly interface ensures that recruiters of all levels can harness its power effectively.
By leveraging AI-driven LinkedIn enrichment, you gain a competitive advantage in identifying, engaging, and hiring the best candidates in the industry.
Harness the power of Linkedin with AI to stay ahead in today’s job market