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From Sourcing to Onboarding: The All-in-One ATS That Simplifies Your Recruitment Process
JeevesAI is your partner in elevating the recruitment process, empowering your business to connect with the best talent, enhance your brand, and make data-driven decisions for a brighter future.

Redefining Candidate Experience with Budget in Mind

JeevesAI introduces a game-changing approach to recruitment specifically tailored for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) operating on a budget.

Quick Job Discovery on a Budget

Discovering relevant job opportunities is key. JeevesAI’s AI-powered algorithms swiftly connect candidates with jobs that align with their skills. This enhancement leads to over a 20% surge in applications without incurring high costs, ensuring SMEs can attract quality talent affordably.

Multi-Channel Solutions for SME

We understand the value of budget-aligned strategies. JeevesAI offers a multi-channel approach, integrating seamlessly with Career Landing Pages and social platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn ensuring maximum engagement while keeping costs under control.

Speedy Application Process for SMEs

At JeevesAI, we value time. Our platform streamlines the application process, selecting only the most pertinent profiles. SMEs can optimize their hiring time by 25%, focusing on suitable candidates without exhaustive and expensive processes.

Elevating Candidate Experience

Engagement Simplified

FAQ Automation

Efficient Job Discovery

Automated Interview Scheduling

High Relevance Leads

A Quantum Leap in Automating Candidate Experience with AI

Boosting brand perception to attract top talent.
Budget-friendly marketing and streamlined operations
Quality exchanges for a superior candidate experience.
JeevesAI streamlines the interview scheduling process. It’s hassle-free, eliminates manual interventions, and ensures balanced interviewer loads.

Boosting SME Efficiency with JeevesAI

Omni-channel support (WhatsApp, SMS, Web)
Prioritizing quality hires over costly recruitment strategies.
Support for global time zones, automatic calendar syncing, and insightful candidate feedback analysis.
Supercharge Your SME Recruitment with JeevesAI