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Discover how SniperAI's LinkedIn Enrichment Touchless can streamline your recruiting processes, access a wider candidate pool, and save costs.

In the fast-evolving world of technology and connectivity, businesses are in a fierce competition for top talent. Traditional recruitment methods are no longer enough; innovation, efficiency, and a competitive edge are essential. SniperAI’s LinkedIn integration is a game-changer in this evolving recruitment landscape. LinkedIn Enrichment Touchless, a part of SniperAI’s AI-driven recruitment tools, seamlessly connects with LinkedIn, harnessing AI and the vast talent pool of LinkedIn. It automates information retrieval, eliminates manual tasks, enhances candidate discovery, and simplifies the process with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The platform offers advanced InMail functionality, is highly customizable, and integrates with ATS easily, all while ensuring security.


  1. SniperAI’s LinkedIn Enrichment Touchless costs only 30% of traditional LinkedIn packages.
  3. It helps companies hire candidates 65% faster.
  5. The platform’s internal database, RS Plus, contains 700 million+ global candidates and is regularly updated.

Elevating Your Recruiting Game with LinkedIn Enrichment