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Over 500Mn+ Diverse Candidate Profiles at Your Fingertips – Search, Connect, Hire Global Talent
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Relevant Candidates to Choose


Automation of Recruitment Workflow


Less Time Taken to Reach Relevant Candidates


Reduction in
Cost to
Sourcie AI – Where AI Meets All Your Hiring Needs!

Find Candidates From Everywhere with RS Plus

Discover candidates from an extensive database of over 500 million+ diverse profiles. Our RS Plus platform streamlines the entire recruitment process, consolidating all potential candidates into one accessible place.
500 Million+ Diverse Profiles With RS Plus

Engage Effortlessly with Jeeves AI

With Jeeves AI, engage candidates seamlessly. Establish a distinctive impression with automated, personalized email outreach and relevant prescreening questions. Enjoy one-click emails that automatically follow up, ensuring smooth communication and prompt responses.

Supercharge Recruitment with LinkedIn Enrichment

LinkedIn Enrichment empowers recruiters to retrieve and enrich candidate profiles effortlessly. Send swift and efficient inMails directly from SniperAI, even without a premium LinkedIn account from Sourcie AI.

Transform Your Hiring with AI-Powered Talent Management Platform

Ensure fair screening, streamline engagement, and boost productivity by 53% with analytics. Achieve seamless onboarding, centralized databases, and bias-free exceptional hires.

CareersAI: Streamlining, Personalizing, Globalizing Job Searches

Streamline job applications, personalize candidate experiences, and expand global reach. Tailored role suggestions and seamless brand integration enhance engagement and trust in a multilingual environment.

Innovate with us

Automate and simplify your hiring with AI without straining your company budgets

Sourcie AI

In the quiet conversations within our meeting rooms, Recruitment Smart’s founders identified a void. While our Sniper AI project uplifted large enterprises, there was an opportunity to extend innovation to startups and medium-sized businesses. emerged from these talks as a vision where AI wasn’t confined to corporate giants but was made accessible to businesses of all sizes, especially those with limited resources.
It embodies the belief that AI’s transformative impact on talent acquisition should reach every business, from dynamic startups to mid-sized enterprises.

Its Time to Hire Smarter & Faster with AI

Whether you’re a small startup, a mid-sized company, or
a large enterprise, Sourcie AI empowers you
to supercharge your hiring process, ensuring smart and
efficient recruitment. Welcome to a new era of accessible
and impactful AI-driven talent acquisition!

Security & Compliance is a Top-Priority at Recruitment Smart

Finding the right talent doesn’t have to feel like a daunting maze

With Sourcie AI, it is now possible to hire from a pool of 500 Mn+ relevant candidates from across the globe.

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Elevating Your Recruiting Game with LinkedIn Enrichment

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40% Reduction in Cost of Acquisition

Reduce Time to Hire by 60%

80% Recruitment Process Optimization

500 Mn+ Relevant Candidates to Choose From

Reduce Costs to Hire by 37%